Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Book Friday #2: Robert Peters, Terry Eagleton

Up for grabs this weekend are two books: Terry Eagleton's Literary Theory: An Introduction, a clean, bright paperback copy I bought for fifteen bucks back in 1993, and a fun little book from 1983, The Peters Black and Blue Guide to Current Literary Journals.

A few words about the latter: obviously, "current" as used in the title refers to journals from the '80s. Nevertheless, if you've never read Robert Peters' criticism, this provides a quick dip--sort of a birdbath dip--into his take-no-hostages blunt assessment of what was being published in the main literary mags of that time. Think of this as a companion volume to his awesome Hunting the Snark. First edition copy from Cherry Valley Editions, paperback, purchased in April 1985 from New World Books in Cincinnati (sales receipt still in the book). Ink illustrations by Meredith Peters.

Remember: you may claim either book (or both) for free by posting a response here, to this blog post, or on Facebook (I'll cross-post there once this post goes up at midnight tonight). I will ship you the book(s) by Media Mail; all I ask is that you reimburse me for the postage.

Next weekend: some Octavio Paz. Stay tuned.

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