Sunday, October 09, 2011

Printing & folding & mailing & designing but mostly I'm at work

And so go the days. I'm past the midpoint of an eight-day workweek and yes, I'm tired. Tired, tired. Not in the sense of the mental exhaustion that accompanied teaching, but in the rubber-to-the-road sense, the don't-cross-the-store-without-something-in-hand-because-there's-always-more-to-do-than-anyone-can-accomplish sense, the yes-I'm-happy-to-discuss-your-business-card-design-setup-while-your-screaming-child-throws-saliva-sodden-Fruit-Loops-at-me-and-knocks-everything-from-the-counter sense. And thank you for letting us serve your copy and print needs. And do come again.

Meanwhile, I have a micropress to run. My god, I'm so grateful for the huge response we've had over the past year. It may not be huge by anyone else's standards, but it definitely set me months behind. I'm used to doing all this by myself, but now there's so much more of it to do. Was it a mistake to take on so many titles and commit to keeping 90% of them in print? I still don't think so, but I've realized that these delays have probably left more than a few folks bewildered or even pissed off. I'm trying, I'm really trying, to catch up.

I think I have the design figured out for Lou's chapbook--sending a mock-up to the author tonight. And printing out more page sets of Ava's chapbook, in hopes of getting copies I owe out by mid-week. And working on assembling Daniel's copies, also to send out mid-week. And trying to get this fresh batch of Catherine's chap packaged up to go into the mail by Tuesday. And I need to buy paper to finish a fresh set of copies for Boyer. And Pedro's page sets need to be tied.

And my feet hurt. And I'm sorry to have missed the Small Press Festival in Pittsburgh this year. Sigh.

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