Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Keeping the pace

   Yesterday, on my day off, I managed to write a third poem in my Catches & Stays series: "And Go" leads off with the fragment another clunky fiction of seduction from Ed Madden's poem "For what I assume is membership." Ed's poem appears in his out-of-print chapbook, Nest, which I published in the summer of 2010.
   And tonight another poem, bit by bit, line by line, board by board laying it down, taking it up, feeling it change direction and intention until finally a kind of form asserted itself and made the last few lines hurtle into the zone with quick surprise. This fourth poem in the series, "Forcing Narcissus," leads with the fragment you look like a self-portrait from RJ Gibson's poem "With You as Vincent" in his chapbook, Scavenge (2010).    Here's a teaser:

You look like a self-portrait but feel like a mirror:
you need us to know
how you are. Resplendent in whatever,
topped off with that faux-
. . .

   I'm really very excited to be writing again. It's not easy--it's work, dammit--but these prompts are definitely triggering a range of voices and forms so far. I'm thinking one poem a week is an attainable goal; hope I can keep it going.
* * * * *
   Email today from Rhett Watts: the final revision of her chapbook manuscript No Innocent Eye, which I'm publishing in the Rane Arroyo Series. Can't wait to get it typeset and play with the cover design.
   The reading period for this year's Rane Arroyo Prize opens in just a few days: Seven Kitchens Press will be accepting manuscripts during the month of September from writers who have not yet published a book or chapbook of poetry. Once again, I'll be reading every manuscript with my co-editor, Eduardo C. Corral. Looking forward to this!

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