Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday haste

The tree service has taken down one of the walnuts,but they're leaving its twin, the maple. This makes me happy because I am so going to miss the massive sugar maple which they are taking down on Monday. I'm grateful that P&J involved us in the discussion of what to do about this tree--it's their house, after all, though the yard and garden are very much a shared space in the best sense of the word. And everyone agreed that the maple was in its decline and could not be saved; to put it off was just inviting danger to us and the neighboring house.

I'm off work Monday. Don't know if I'll be able to stay here and watch.
* * * * *
Lovely packet of books in the mail this week from RL, who's been encouraging me to look beyond my present circumstances. It's true that I've been reading difficulty and unlikelihood as impossibility, which makes me sound horribly fixed in my ways. Even though that may be true, I hope it's not.
* * * * *
I wear your insignia, therefore I wear death's
insignia. Which means that nothing can hurt me.

And with these wings and flames, I pledge
allegiance to nothing: I can go anywhere.

:: Carol Muske-Dukes, "Passport: A Manifesto"
from her book Sparrow 
* * * * *
And I'm off to work without getting half the tasks done that I'd hoped--

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