Monday, September 02, 2013

Color me embarrassed

   Yikes. Yesterday, while unpacking more books (this is slow going in a limited space, and I've had to shift and re-pack so many books in order to keep my poetry collection at hand), I found a batch that I had listed for sale over on the Seven Kitchens site. Some of these books have been purchased--ack!--but I can't find notes anywhere indicating who bought them. This is deeply embarrassing, especially given the kindness of friends and strangers who bought books to help support Seven Kitchens through the last rough year.

   I have managed to figure out,by going back through e-mails, where four books are headed--and these will go out tomorrow. But here are four more that were marked "sold"--if you bought these, please e-mail me and I will send them out immediately:

  • Lynda Hull, Star Ledger
  • Louise Gluck, Firstborn
  • Louise Gluck, The Triumph of Achilles
  • Susan Sontag, On Photography

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