Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Caught on a line: Christina Hutchins

Here are lines from Christina Hutchins' chapbook, Radiantly We Inhabit the Air, that I copied today into my journal as part of my ongoing project to write a poem that arises from every 7KP chapbook I've published. Several poems from this project appeared in issue 14 of Assaracus (Joy Exhaustible: Assaracus Presents the Publishers). My thanks to Bryan and Seth for reaching out to me for some poems; their encouragement convinced me that this project is worth pursuing.

Language has lingered into slow scents
-          “Between Pages of Our Dictionary”

A joyful dog barked the letters of foul words.
-          “The Music Inside”

Hairs, collected and abandoned, line the inner nests/ of unknown birds
-          “The Music Inside”

before even I was plated with a name
-          “Interregnum”

yet I craved the broken levee
-          “Interregnum”

a day already underway
-          “Interregnum”

I stole a fingernail of brick
-          “A Traveler Is Met by Touch”

there is nowhere loss will refuse/ to take us
-          “A Way Back to Life”

          I listened again to the troubles of the creek

-          “Turnstile”

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