Saturday, September 10, 2016


Second harvest from the one cayenne plant on the balcony: it's already set about a dozen new green peppers since I picked the first batch of 30 in August; I'm hoping for one more flush of bloom and a final crop to set now that I've "relieved" the plant of all this seed-setting fruit. We'll see. But it's been quite a bountiful reward in return for a simple daily watering. (Cayenne you say hot peppers?)

Also potted up the slip of willow I cut from my sister's tree last month and rooted in a bottle of water --her tree planted three or four years ago from a slip of my own willow back in Lewisburg: clone of a clone of a clone.

Spent most of yesterday printing and folding page sets, then T and I visited Mom and went out to dinner. Nice to take a break. Nice to see them getting along. What I mean is that I'm grateful that my mother sees me happy with my partner, with someone I did not expect to come into my (mid)life.

Working today to get those page sets trimmed and sewn: all for Liz Ahl's chapbook launch on Thursday, with enough left over--I think--to fill remaining orders. Then back to filling out orders for Alison's and Eric's chapbooks, and finishing proof corrections for three of the four Summer Kitchens titles, which are fixing to drop this coming week; the final title will be out as soon as I can.

All chapbooks. All the time. With a smidge of gardening wedged in here and there. As summer rolls inevitably to its close.

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