Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Quick check-in

Coffee and chapbooking and work, work, work. I found a typo at the last possible moment in JS's chapbook, so naturally I took apart the copies I'd already made and replaced the pages with corrected sheets. Which has delayed sending out orders because I'm always at my day job. Who was it that said No good deed goes unpunished? (My dad said it a few times.)

Two nights ago I chopped up the tomato plant, unthreaded it from the balcony, and tossed the branches into the brush below and behind our apartment building. Infested with mealybugs, it had pretty much stopped producing, and I know from experience that no matter how thoroughly I clean any plants or cuttings as I bring them inside this month, they'll likely end up with the same critter infestation.

I wanted to start new arugula seeds and maybe some other greens, see what kind of fall crop I can grow on the balcony. Some of the plantings did well; others languished. It comes down to light: there's just not enough on this side of the building, especially with the treeline so close. That the tomato bore at all was a surprise. But the peppermint cascading from its planter, and the bushy rosemary, hung from a bucket on the outside of the railing, both did quite well, as did the jalapenos. Not much room for any other sun-loving plants, though. I'm going to scale back next spring.

Ack. Time to get ready for the day job--

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