Saturday, December 04, 2010

Books in brief

  • I finished John Daniel's Looking After last night, wishing I liked it better but determined to stick through to the end. In brief, here's why.
  • I suspended the Free Book Friday giveaway because--well, because I wasn't getting reimbursed for the postage. Which isn't a huge deal, but could become one if it continued. May bring it back later; we'll see. Meanwhile, there's always, where I've already given away about 70 books, most of them traded for poetry or quilting books, which makes me very happy. It's like a perpetual birthday at the post office these days.
  • If you're a Goodreads fan (and if not, you should be) and have any favorite LGBT poetry titles, please consider adding them to this list. I set it up late last night after searching and not finding one in their Listopia section. It's woefully incomplete, and I will add more titles, but I can only tack on about 25 more before reaching the limit and the ones I've posted already are more alphabetical than in any order of "bestness"--so please do add/vote for your favorites.
We're having Indian for dinner. The house smells incredible. I mean, I-could-lick-this-smell-off-the-walls incredible.