Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cleaning House

Bleh. How much e-mail collects on my office computer! I've been setting up mail filters to auto-dump stuff I don't need to see. But still, it's daunting. All this because I'll be changing offices soon. Let's not even talk about the boxes of paper, which I swear I am not carting home until everything can fit into one box: one single box and no more. The attic is not an option.

The home computer crashed. Sent a couple of odd error messages the day before, which I now recognize as its bleeping attempt to warn us of the impending flatline. I said to Randy, rather idly, "We should back up our files" (all the while wondering if I even knew how to move stuff to a CD or DVD) . . . The campus tech desk took the tower and said they'd try to retrieve our data & reinstall our OS. Will see. I've never even used "OS" so casually in a sentence before. And I still don't know how to back up my data onto a CD.

Skating along the thin ice of cyberspace.


kayteau said...

Must have been going arounf at that time - that's about when mine died too.

Hi Ron, I'm updating links and found this one to add.


kayteau said...

No, I really DON'T know how to spell

Ron Mohring said...

Hey there. I've been thinking about you. Which is not the same as staying in touch, I know. (bad ron, no cookie)