Monday, September 05, 2005

Weekend reading

I very much enjoyed reading Eduardo Corral's The Border Triptych this weekend. Really fine poems! As much as I enjoy the convenience of reading online--and I do--this is one collection that I would love to hold in my hands as well.

Also reading Stacey Waite's new chapbook, Choke, which won this year's Frank O'Hara Award. I'm really hoping that Stacey and I can do a couple of readings together. I've never been to Pittsburgh. It could happen.

Off to teach in a few. We're gearing up toward writing our short-short stories. I have no idea where mine's going, but I have another week to pull it into shape. (Doing the assignments alongside my students is SO fun.)

On another note, my dad went home from the hospital this weekend. Thanks for the kind words, all.

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miriam said...

oh! if you do go to pittsburgh please send me a note & i'll tell you about every single amazing thing you might possibly be interested in that's in the city. seriously, it is probably the most amazing place on earth, and i love to rant about how amazing it is, and will, even if you have no time to actually explore.

and yes, stacy's chapbook is pretty fantastic.