Monday, March 06, 2006

Signs of life

Back in January, I noticed one day at the Writing Center that someone had thrown the remains of a plant into the trash--long, ropy, wrinkled stems of pothos (looks like marbled philodendron, if you don't recognize the name), absolutely leafless and desiccated, but still I grabbed it impulsively, coiled it inside my lunch tote (one of those soft-sided insulated things) and brought it home. I did throw most of it out, but cut the greenest section into stem cuttings, layered them in potting soil, watered it sparingly, covered the whole thing with plastic wrap, and stuck it on a high shelf in the bathroom. Two weeks ago when I checked it there was a bright green shoot. Today there are about a dozen, one large and the rest really small. I've moved the tray to the bathroom counter--nice bright light--and removed the plastic wrap. If Allie doesn't dig them up, I'll have a nice batch of wee pothos vines soon.

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