Monday, March 26, 2007


Because I split my time this semester between two offices, I often don't make it to my PC (or telephone) until Tuesdays. Truly, I'm not much of a phone person--never have been--but I wish I'd been near it today: apparently Friday's interview went well enough, because they're offering me the job. I had ducked into the West Branch office long enough to use the computer (to print out a quiz for my 1:00 class) and checked my webmail, where I saw the heads-up. Then had to go to class and a couple of meetings.

Randy and I celebrated by going to Staples to buy me a proper office chair (I have a corner table set up at home for grading papers and using the laptop). We'll have a proper toast once I sign a contract.

More details soon.


brent goodman said...

Congrats Ron!

ps love your labels for this one


Ron Mohring said...

Thanks, Brent. Williamsport is a pretty easy commute--unless there's ice on the mountain road--and I'll only need to drive it three days a week. Maybe this is the year I'll get some of these "back burner" projects really going. . .

Hope spring makes it up your way soon.

Charles said...

Fantastic! Congratulations. :)

Amanda Auchter said...

Congrats! Well done!