Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So proclaimed a label attached to one of three lamp harps--those springy things that clip into place and support a lampshade by means of a threaded eyehole and (usually) (somewhat) decorative finial--one of three lamp harps that appeared, to my eye, to be identical. I'd become convinced that the fluorescent lights in my nice, new windowless office were exacerbating my headaches, so last night R & I bought some lamps. Cheap lamps. Four lamps in one box for about 50 bucks, some basic assembly required.

I put them together today, one every few hours, as a treat--in much the same way that I used to reward myself with chocolate--and now I can work without fluorescent glare. Much nicer.
* * *

Still raining and chilly, but nothing drastic. And we need the rain. Yesterday, or maybe it was Sunday, I took some wet photos in the garden.
* * *

I'm thinking of a new series of photos and have started experimenting with a few but I don't want to say anything more about it. There's really no time right now: classes start tomorrow at BU and Monday at LC.
* * *

eyehole is a creepy word. It looks much less so when capitalized--Eyehole.

See what I mean? The second one looks like an archaic expression of greeting, something uttered by Plains Indians: ay-yuh-HO-lay!
* * *
Home again, home again. Jiggety-jog.

[photo: rain on nasturtiums, 8/20/07]

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