Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to school

Classes started today. I was surprised to find that my classroom is not equipped with a PC. I should have checked in the fall, but I'd been in nearly every classroom on the floor last semester, and they all had PCs, so I figured mine would, too. Doh. To complicate the problem: I teach all three sections in the same room. So, for example, today when I reviewed the syllabus, I had to read stuff to them from the one copy I had printed out, instead of throwing it up on the projection screen for all of us to review together.

Grr. So much of my teaching utilizes on-screen stuff. I hate to lose that element. And I hate to print sixty copies of everything that normally would just take the click of a button or two.

There are no available classrooms with PCs--they've all been snapped up.

I'll adjust.
* * *
The weather here is freakishly warm. We have mud. In January.
* * *
I get to sleep late tomorrow: no Tuesday or Thursday classes. It's a relief, because I had so much trouble falling asleep last night (this always happens the night before a big event, or the first night staying in a new place). I'm pooped.
* * *
Me, me, me: mehhh, I talked too much today. We also did a short writing exercise--just to get a sampling--in which I asked the students to "go back in time" and describe what they were doing ten years ago. What surprised me was how many claimed they couldn't remember anything specific from when they were eight or nine.

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