Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amid the swirl

Amid the swirl of comments and speculation surrounding the strange and disconcerting disappearance of Craig Arnold, I ran across this Facebook group set up by his family. Send good thoughts.
__ __ __

Still grading essays. My final exams (take-"home") were due at 4PM today; a few trickled in until 5:30. I'm actually glad the weather's turned rainy: less distraction. But the garden (and lawn) is a riot of luscious sweet violets, the lilacs next door are opening, the ferns have unsprung. I completely missed seeing the crabapple in bud. Suddenly it was in full bloom. We had such odd hot weather for a few days--everything went into overdrive--hurry, hurry--. So much nicer to have mild days.

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