Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hello, I must be going

Last week of classes: we finish on Tuesday. I have numerous individual conferences scheduled, and can barely keep up at this point. Up at six, home at six, quick dinner and spazzfest during Jeopardy!, then back upstairs to write more feedback on more poems, tweak lesson plans, grade journals, respond to e-mails. As usual, I regret not having done a better job; as usual, I'm already planning ahead to the next time I'll teach these courses (should I be so lucky).

In bed by ten tonight if I can help it: yesterday I came home for a three-hour nap, then went back in for a few hours.

I'd love to chat but duty calls. Maybe in a week or so.

[photo: my favorite Bear Paw quilt, circa 1865 (detail)]

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