Monday, November 13, 2006


Some good local readings to attend this week (see my PA Poetry blog for full details): Junot Díaz on the 15th (Bloomsburg), C.K. Williams on the 16th (Williamsport), and Daniel Blasi here at Bucknell on the 17th. I want to go hear Díaz, but may have to skip the next night. I'll definitely make the Friday session--which was, I'd heard, to have included Blas Falconer as well. Pity that, because I've heard good things about his poems and was looking forward to meeting him.

* * * * *

Randy finished his whole-cloth quilt last week (over a week ago, in fact) and I bound it this weekend. It looks wonderful. He does such good work. Pictures soon.

* * * * *

My intro CW course (for spring) is already full, and I've started receiving requests to "add in" over the quota. There are several "undecideds" in the roster, but--as far as I can tell--only one student who's declaring a CW concentration. Lots of science majors. Could be fun.

* * * * *

Trying to figure out when I might get back to Cincinnati over the winter holiday. I'm eyeing the week of December 11--a few days after classes end, but plenty of time to get back before final grades are due. To fly? Or drive? The roads in December can be so iffy, especially heading through the mountains. But I'd rather have a car.

[photo: rex begonia leaf]

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