Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Yule--

--to everyone, a couple of days late, but good wishes to you just the same. We had a quiet holiday at home and spent much of it quilting. R and I have tag-teamed on a special quilt that I'd originally hoped to finish last month--it's my fault for getting a late start on it. We finished the quilting last night, and I cut and pressed fabric for the binding and managed to complete one side. There will be photos of the finished quilt soon.

Yesterday I got the urge to make a Sawtooth Bars mini, and after some trial-and-error piecing on the sewing machine (the triangle squares are less than one inch across and I kept getting them turned the wrong way), I finally got the hang of it and knocked this one out. It measures about 12 x 14. We made a large version two years ago in brown and indigo blue; my mom has that one now.

Meanwhile, I have been working on a small whole cloth quilt, about 14 inches square, and making good progress: it's much easier to quilt when you don't have to stitch through seams. I'll post photos of this one, too, as soon as it's finished (end of January, I'm guessing).

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