Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tomato names

Torbay. Shady Lady. Biltmore. Sophya.
Flavorburst. Mohawk. Big Bomb. Tormenta. Tumbling Tom Yellow.
Goliath. Early Goliath. Bush Goliath.
Cluster Goliath. Sunny Goliath. Italian Goliath.
Big Zac. Carolina Gold. Big Beef. Better Boy.
Abraham Lincoln. Celebrity. Heartland. Floralina. Jet Star. Keepsake.
Lemon Boy. Pink Girl. Sun Leaper. Pilgrim.
Tomande. Kada Hybrid. Super Marzano. Quimbaya.
Sweet Cluster. Tomcat. Mountain Fresh. Tolstoi. Totem.
Amana Orange. Anna. Beefsteak. Box Car Willie.
Black Krim. Aunt Ruby's German Green.
Brandywine. Cherokee Purple. Dinner Plate. Cuore de Toro.
Caspian Pink. Druzba. German Head. Giant Belgium.
Georgia Streak. Kellogg's Breakfast. Lillian's Yellow Heirloom.
Mister Stripey. Mortgage Lifter. Old German. Omar's Lebanese.
Oxheart. Pineapple. Prudens Purple. Ponderosa Pink.
White Potato Leaf. Amish Paste. Arkansas Traveler. Black Sea Man.
Bonny Best. Wins All. Homestead. Legend. Golden Jubilee.
Mule Team. New Yorker. Nebraska Wedding. Rutgers. Opalka.
Saucey. Striped Stuffer. Taxi. Vera. Tigerella. Sunray.
Silvery Fir Tree. Garden Peach. Banana Legs.
Bloody Butcher. Green Zebra. Hard Rock. Moonglow. Porter.
Oregon Spring. Red Pear. Roman Candle. Stupice. Sub-Arctic Plenty.
Amish Salad. Brown Berry. Grapette. Cupid. Fond Red Mini.
Chocolate Cherry. Sugar Lump. Jenny. Juliet. Marcellino Hybrid.
Snowberry. Red Star. Riesenstraube. Small Fry. Micro Tom.
Tumbler. Velvet Red. Tami. Sungold. Sweet Million.


Anonymous said...

And what's your point?

Ron Mohring said...

There's no point (except perhaps wonder and delight at some of the evocative and surprising names for a simple tomato). Okay, I retract that statement, and assert that there are *two* points: wonder and delight.

Brent Goodman said...

I love these kinds of noun-music poems. Once I one wrote one entirely composed of names of bodies of water in wisconsin. They're best read aloud.

What's the point? Ask Mairead Byrne's career! LOL