Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend update

Twice this week we've heard (and seen) huge flocks of snow geese flying over the house, so on Sunday morning we decided to head out to the Montour Preserve. The lake was still frozen, of course--people were sledding out onto it and walking around. Randy tried to coax me out onto the ice, but I'm a wuss when it comes to the sound of ice cracking--I'd probably keep enough composure to not pee my pants, but just barely.
For pics of the snow geese on Lake Chillisquaque just two years ago (March 10, which reassures me that I was smart not to venture out on yesterday's ice), click here.
While watching the Oscars last night (I can't resist--all that glam), I pieced up a tiny quilt top (just a bit larger than a 5x7 index card, with 48 itty-bitty pieces) in an old pattern: Chinese Coins. I'd been dreaming about this pattern (I mean, literally seeing it in my sleep) and wanted to give it a try. The result is more diminutive than I'd planned (I just start sewing and see how things come out, so planned is a misnomer) but today, looking it over, I'm pretty pleased.
[photo: white pine in snow, 2/24/08]

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