Sunday, May 11, 2008

garden pics [2]

Sempervivum ("hens & chicks").
I can't remember the name of this ground cover.
Dwarf iris.
More iris.


Anonymous said...

Ron, it's Trollius laxus, or globeflower.

Gabe Welsch

Ron Mohring said...

Ah! Thanks, Gabe. I remember this plant from a garden I used to work in as a teen--the garden belonged to my mother's friend, who hired me every year to help maintain it.

I recognized the leaf pattern on some plants behind a garage a few years ago (and helped myself to one). Within two years, it had started taking over a substantial area of my garden. It spreads by runners, and had formed an incredibly dense mat. I wish I had a place to just let it run; I have to really watch it & keep it in check.

Want some?