Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Last weekend, we took our annual orchid-spotting hike (can't tell you where, sorry) and were happy to see that the small colony of ladyslippers is healthy: the number of flowering plants has probably doubled in the past five years, and we couldn't even count the new, smaller plants. Very nice. Here (below) is a close-up:
At the sunny end of the trail, I was disappointed to see that all the raspberries had been mowed down--a 20-foot swathe of bare ground remained, with tractor treads still marking the soil. Though new berry canes were springing up all over, it'll be a few years before they come close to reclaiming their territory (if they're left alone). It was nice, though, to see a few wild blueberries flowering (below):
We're having a cold snap tonight, after a week of awesome weather. I photographed the irises late this afternoon, after the rain had let up, and will try to post a photo tomorrow.

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