Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Look Up

Today on my lunch hour I walked around campus with the digital cam. I'm not so good at photographing people, but I do look for patterns: dew, shadows, that sort of thing. Here's a stairwell in Roberts Hall, where I'm working right now:


Amanda Auchter said...

I miss Bucknell! How are you? Your photography is amazing. You should send us some work (poems or photos) for the magazine.

Ron Mohring said...

Amanda, I miss you too. There's a new monthly "Writer's Night" get-together that's starting up at the Stadler Center--pizza, salad, casual hobnobbing with faculty and student writers--that should be fun, but there's no goose to the spine like the June Seminar, and I am truly gonna miss it this summer.

Will try--really, truly--to pull some stuff together to send to PLR; you're really sweet to keep asking. I'm going to pop over to your blog now and catch up on what *you've* been up to.