Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pugilistic dreams

I've been fighting a lot in my dreams, but can't remember with whom. Also getting lost, often in Mexico City, or what feels like Mexico City, which is the only foreign capital I've ever visited (Frankfort, Kentucky doesn't count) (oh, come and get me, I haaaaaate Kentucky, it smells like an ashtray). Also, David is showing up a lot, though he's been dead ten years--


January 14th. Okay, I get that part.

But the museums like open parking garages, and David buying antique Coca-Cola metalware, and losing the car in some hilly neighborhood, and the heartbreakingly beautiful Mexican lad who bandaged Sadie's paw (how did my dog get into this dream?), and David saying it's fine to go with that boy? I keep fighting awake like I've been drowning. It's not restful. It's only two in the afternoon on Tuesday and I'm whipped. I must, must, get to bed early tonight.

Randy got a splitter for his portable CD player; he falls asleep listening to Tibetan chants and such. I may take him up on his offer to share. I need to find less chaos in my dreams.


Nels said...

I was thinking the other day that I can't remember the last time I dreamed about Blane. Of course, you two were together a lot longer than we were.

I keep dreaming about houses that have no doors out.

Ron Mohring said...

I was going to ask whether you're in them or outside them, but I guess if the latter then it would be no doors *in*, wouldn't it? My house dream--when David was dying, and for a long time after--was that someone was emptying all the furniture from the house, and getting closer to my room.